The Men Behind The Next Level

Steven Neuner 2-sm

Steven Neuner is the Founder and President of Alkali, LLC. Steven started Alkali with the purpose of transforming a broken industry that rewards insurance brokers and agents for putting their personal interests above the interests of their clients.

In pursuit of his vision, Steven created The Empowered Advantage™, an industry transforming process that ensures clients are properly insured, understand their coverage, and are maximizing their financial resources without fear of whether or not their interests are aligned with their agent.

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Bob Gibbons

Bob Gibbons started his real estate career as a junior in college, not quite 21 years old working for a Belgian investment company here in the Dallas area. After graduation, he stayed there until the company failed in the late 1980’s.

He joined Prentiss Properties Limited, Inc. in Dallas, but was quickly given the opportunity for a move and promotion to Los Angeles. After arriving he realized it was neither a promotion nor an opportunity. If you have every moved a Dallas girl to live in LA, you know that doesn’t work. Fortunately, he and his wife were quickly relocated to back to the promised-land and lived in Austin for 3 years where he took over a new account Prentiss had just received from Travelers Insurance.

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Since the first episode of The Next Level Show aired 2 years ago, co-hosts Bob Gibbons and Steven Neuner have interviewed 102 Owners, Directors, Principals, Partners, CEOs, and Presidents of successful small and medium sized businesses.

Watch the 2 year anniversary show with Steven and Bob where they looked at the past year in their businesses and discussed what has worked, what hasn’t worked, how they want to improve, and the lessons they have learned.